La Robe's 5 Essentials For Your Closet!

La Robe's 5 Essentials For Your Closet!

Hello, La Robe Shopper!

Welcome to your monthly dose of what we have to say! We hope you’ve been enjoying these posts and we’d like to remind you that you are more than welcome to respond to these in the comments section below. We’d love to hear what you think and to see some conversations happening between you and our other shoppers. Seize the day, Shopper! Be the first!

Speaking of seizing the day, we thought our next post should be something that all our shoppers would truly benefit from reading, something they could implement in their daily lives. That’s right, ladies. It’s time for us to share with you our five essential items that should be in your closet!

  • A solid pair of denim - whether they’re jeans or shorts, dark or light wash, a good pair of denim will carry you far in life. Denim is becoming more and more accepted throughout the world as a staple and a pair you know you can count on will find itself unmatched in style and wear.
  • A solid blazer - by solid we mean both awesome and one color. Patterned blazers are super fun, don’t get us wrong, but a solid color blazer will work so much better for you in the long run. Mix and match with a neutral, stun with a bold, or charm with a sweet pastel. Your closet will thank you for it.
  • At least 2 basic solid tops - again, we’re not saying that patterns aren’t fun (have you seen our website?), but basic solid tops are worth their weight in gold. We’re not talking t-shirts, either. Think something you can jazz up with slacks or dress down with shorts. If it’s got a silky smooth feel that doesn’t encumber you the second you put it on, it’s an essential.
  • A great pair of slacks - business casual is one of those grey areas. Fight through the clouds of uncertainty with an excellent pair of slacks. These are something you’ll pull out for very specific occasions: work, functions, etc. A pair of slacks will keep you looking fresh while also maintaining an unspoken level of professionalism that will get you noticed for all the right reasons.
  • A simple cocktail dress - we have seen our fair share of off the wall cocktail attire. We’ve even owned some. Cocktail dresses have a way of going from simple to extreme in the blink of an eye. You must own a basic version. No extreme patterns, no crazy ruffles, and nothing too revealing. Something Posh Spice would want to borrow.

  • We hope you found our list of items helpful! They seem like no brainers, but when we asked some of our employees how many they had, very few could say they had all five checked off. Looks like we all need to do a bit more shopping… but in the meantime, never one to leave you without something to think about, here’s a question for reflection:

    How many La Robe essentials are missing from your closet?

    Until Next Time, Shopper,

    The Girls of La Robe

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