Who's On My Tag?: Kancan

Who's On My Tag?: Kancan

Hello La Robe Shoppers!

Welcome back to another round of “Who’s on my tag?” This time, we’ll be talking about the denim designer, Kancan!

Kancan was first established in 2003 by a man by the name of Song, a Korean immigrant who wanted to spread his love of denim all over the United States. Mr. Song was a designer for brands like Guess and Perry Ellis before branching out to start his own company, and boy, are we glad he did!

Where does the name come from? Well, allow us to answer that for you! According to the company, Kancan is actually named after the cancan dance popularized in the late 1800s. Why? That seems so random! The reason is that cancan dancing is very active and vigorous - one of the most exhausting dances there is, really. Song wanted his denim to be comfortable and strived for even the most active of customers to feel unrestricted by the structure of such a strong material.

Kancan jeans are some of the cutest, best fitting jeans we’ve ever had on our bodies. We think he’s done a great job in achieving his goal! What do you think?

Never one to leave you without something to think about, here’s a question for reflection:

How important is comfort when it comes to awesome style?

Until next time,

The Girls of La Robe

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