Who's On My Tag?: Umgee

Who's On My Tag?: Umgee

Hello La Robe Shoppers!

Welcome back to La Blog! We’re happy you’ve taken an interest in those tiny little neck scratchers we all know and loathe - clothing tags. A lot of people rip these suckers off the second they get their clothing back home, while others spend hours wondering who the heck this designer is and why they’ve never heard of them before. If you’re the latter of the two, strap in because we’re about to introduce you to Umgee, one of our favorite brands here at La Robe!

Umgee was founded in 2001 in Los Angeles, California. They had set out to create a business that would help provide women with cute, fun, fashion-forward attire at affordable prices and that’s exactly what they did! While Umgee doesn’t have a store you can peruse, they do work with boutiques all over the country.

We like Umgee so much because they are affordable, yes, but they’re also very stylish. Sometimes it feels as though we have to sacrifice one for the other, but not in this case. They’re constantly churning out super cute items that we can’t wait to provide to you guys. Not only are they stylish, but Umgee strives to produce quality items as well. You’ll find your Umgee items are still in perfect condition after several trips through your washing machines and that’s just one more thing to love about them!

So, the next time you order something on our website or from one of our brick and mortar locations and you see the name on the tag is Umgee, you won’t be thinking, “Um, gee, I wish I knew who this was”, you’ll be thinking, “hey, I know something about these guys! They’re awesome!”

Never one to leave you without something to think about, here’s a question for reflection:

How important are brand names to you?

Until next time,

The Girls of La Robe

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