Who's On My Tag?: Velvet Heart

Who's On My Tag?: Velvet Heart

Hello, La Robe Shopper!

So, you want to know who Velvet Heart is now that you’ve received your beautiful new garment? Well, sit back and relax! We’re about to tell you all about them!

Velvet Heart is a company that was founded in 2008 in Los Angeles, California. They were heavily influenced by that California-chic, west coast style, designing and redesigning their signature looks; a mix of beach dreams and effortless beauty. They’ve said their goal is to allow their customers to mix and match their items on their own terms to create their personal, perfect styles and we just love that about them!

One thing that Velvet Heart strives for is the reimagining of basic items to keep them relevant and reliable. This is something we at La Robe are crazy about! Every article of Velvet Heart clothing we stock for you has dependability, longevity, and, of course, style. You won’t be struggling to figure out how to wear a Velvet Heart item - it works with you and for you unlike any other brand!

Never one to leave you without something to think about, here’s a question for reflection:

Before purchasing a garment, do you think about all of the other items you already own that would compliment the garment you’re thinking of purchasing?

Until next time,

The Girls of La Robe

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